OfflineLoader- an open source Internet-Offline-Reader
The OfflineLoader Software is a modern and high functional 
Internet-Offline-Reader written in Java.

You can use it for downloading webpages on your local computer. 
Consequently you can read the pages while you are not connected
to the internet. Further you archive certain webpages that
might disappear or could be modified in future in the web. 

The software is still in beta, is not fully tested and could contain some bugs.
It is provided "as it is", which means that you use this software on your own risk.
The author has no liability to the user or any other third-party that could be 
damaged by using this software.
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Application/ Deployment Download
For using the software you have to have installed Java 1.4 (J2SE) or higher 
on your computer.
Make sure you read the LICENSE.txt before using the software.

--> (Version 0.72beta)

Just unzip the downloaded file and make sure ol.jar exists in your directory.

  java -jar ol.jar 'start-url or prop-file' [levels='all','0','1','2'...] [restrictDomain='on','off'] [dir[New]='save-directory-path'] [project='project-name'] [proxy='host':'port']
  start-url         mandatory;   specifies the web-page starting point of the download; have to be an absolute URL starting with "http"; e.g.  
   or prop-file :   Alternative you can specify a property file that contains a list of web-page starting points with lines in the format 'project-name'='start-url'   
  levels:          facultative; specifies how many levels of linked-pages should be processed; all means no limit, 0 means just the start-url,
                   1 means all pages linked from start-url ....;  default: 1 
  restrictDomain:  facultative; specifies if only web-page containing the domain of the start-url should be processed; 'on' means restrict 
                   download on starting domain, default: on             
  dir[New]:        facultative; specifies the directory where to store the downloaded elements; a directory path; e.g. c:/doc/downloads; default: ./  (If you write dirNew, a new dir is created if the old exists!)
  project:         facultative; specifies the name of the project; the name will be the root-directory of the download; default: download_datestamp  (Not useable if you specify a prop-file)
  proxy:           facultative; specifies the name a http-proxy-server that should be used; default: no proxy is used

The start page of the downloaded elements is named '__Offlineloader_START.html' somewhere in the download-directory.
The Version 0.7 is capable to download links, images, stylesheet and frames.

If you specify a property-file called '' you are able to configure some sophisticated parameters.
Please see this example file:

Source/ Development Download
The software is written in Java 1.4 (SE).
Make sure you read the LICENSE.txt before downloading the software.

--> Javadoc documentation

Source Download:
--> (Version 0.72beta)

Version 0.6b
  • added proxy support
  • misc bug fixes
Version 0.7b
  • added support for a list of starting urls (see prop-file above)
  • added support for sophisticated parameters (see 'offlineloader.properites')
  • misc bug fixes
Development: In future the following features are planned:
  • graphical user interface
  • timer controlled download
  • incremental download, that just considers changes from last download
  • convert download data in different formats (e.g. PDF, ZIP)
  • management of different download-projects and fulltext-search
  • enable web start technologie
  • publish some functions using web services
You are invited to join the development!

Services from MosCon ; (c) 2002-2006 Marc-Oliver Scheele